Our Integrated Facility Management Services

Four J’s Group are committed to offering quality facility management services to a variety of industries. Our services are aimed to those that want the highest standards and are looking to build a long term relationship with their suppliers.

We don't provide anything off the shelf; instead, each and every solution is custom designed to meet and exceed the needs of each and every unique client within the industries we serve.

We invest considerable time and resources into recruiting right. Superior people want to work with a superior company -- one that cares about quality, treats their people well and offers personal growth and advancement -- so we're fortunate to receive many applications. We then use our selective hiring processes to filter out the most ideal candidates, which ensure that our clients receive only the most capable team members.

Four Js Group
  • Experienced

    With over 22 years in business, we have plenty of experience in delivering the high quality services our clients want.

  • Cost Effective

    With every solution being tailored to the specific client's needs, we ensure our pricing is only for the services you need - not just whatever our package price is!

  • Managed

    We have an accredited quality control system and integrated management system, meaning a service that is guaranteed!


We provide commercial and industrial cleaning services for the most discerning of clients. 

We use all green agents with no harmful toxins, ensuring a safe environment whether it's an office, warehouse, child care centre, medical centre, or even a hospital.

Trolley Collection

Keep your retail environment spick and span with our trolley collection service.

We have relationships with some of Australia's largest retailers and shopping centres, with high praise frequently given to our proactive and capable team members.

  • Long Running

    We commenced trolley collection services over 25 years ago, making us one of the longest running providers in Australia.

  • Flexible

    We offer push in service, a street run service, efficient and safe carpark trolley collection, and can collect from surrounding streets and public areas.

  • Well Equipped

    We also utilise equipment as and when needed including tractors, trailers and Muvit machines. This equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

  • Experience and Technology

    We use a combination of new technology, industry experience and our certified management systems for the best results.

  • Fast and Affordable

    With our experience and systems, we're able to provide a fast and affordable service.

  • Quality Team

    Our hiring standards are amongst the highest in the industry, ensuring our clients only deal with experienced professionals.


We offer a range of services for maintenance to ensure our clients have a continued smooth operation. We primarily service the department of housing in Sydney.

Transport & Logistics

We have a large fleet including all types of trailers, late model primer movers, and rigid trucks, operated by experienced drivers, to help our clients meet their transport and logistics requirements.

  • Timely Delivery

    We offer a range of transport times, including overnight express and same day delivery. Use GPS tracking to keep track of your freight.

  • Local, Regional and Interstate

    Wherever you need your goods to go, we can help. We travel local, regional and interstate to deliver freight.

  • Capable

    We can offer supply chain advice, as well as warehousing and distribution, and third party logistics services. We also offer 24 hour secure access to our facilities.