Covid Marshal Service

When you need a COVID Marshal For Your Location

Four J’s Group can arrange COVID Marshal’s for all States to ensure all aspects of your approved COVID-19 Safety Plan are being adhered to including:

  • Overseeing social distancing
  • Promote good hand hygiene measures upon entry
  • Ensure all customers sign-in by providing accurate contact details and their time of entry using QR code or paper sign-in
  • Limiting store capacity to the correct number of people
Four Js Group
  • Trained

    All of our staff are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of their service. Despite being a fairly new role, our COVID Marshal's are kept up to date with all of the changing rules and regulations.

  • Cost Effective

    It can be significantly more cost effective to hire fully trained, temporary team members, rather than incurring training costs as well as the usual staffing costs.

  • Managed

    We have an accredited quality control system and integrated management system, meaning a service that is guaranteed!

Trained COVID Marshals

Meeting the requirements of your COVID Safety Plan is key to maintaining your COVID-SAFE status, and one of those requirements is having a COVID Marshal. For many businesses, they simply don't have the spare staff to allocate.

At Four J's Group, we can provide trained COVID Marshal's all over Australia.

Do you need a COVID Marshal?

The specific industries that require a COVID Marshal can vary based on which State you're in. 

We have a list of example businesses that are usually included, however if you're not sure, please do contact us to find out.

  • Purchase and consumption of food (indoors and outdoors)
  • Ceremonies
  • Supermarkets
  • Hardware stores
  • Distribution centres (including associated transport operations)
  • Gymnasiums and fitness centres
  • Swimming pools used by the public
  • Social and sporting clubs
  • Any activity where a COVID Management Plan is required
  • New South Wales

    In New South Wales, any business found in breach of the Public Health Orders could face a penalty of up to $55,000 and a further $27,500 penalty may apply for each day an offence continues.

    Liquor and Gaming NSW have the power to enforce the following penalties:

    - for a first offence, a $5500 fine or relevant penalty for breach of the Public Health Order

    - for a second offence, the business will be closed for one week

    - for a third offence (repeated and willful non-compliance), the business will be shut down for up to one month.

  • South Australia

    In South Australia, if you have not completed a COVID-Safe Plan, do not have this available at your premises, or do not comply with current Directions, you can be fined up to $5,000.

Penalties for Covid Safety Plan Breaches

There can be some pretty hefty penalties for businesses that breach their COVID Safety Plan requirements.

These penalties vary by state.

Four J's Group can help prevent penalties with our trained COVID Marshals.

How many COVID Marshal's do I need?

This can vary based on your business size, scale of operations, and entry/exit points.

For some smaller locations, one or two COVID Marshal's may be able to handle all requirements. However for larger locations and operations, especially those with many entries and exits, 3 to 5 COVID Marshal's may be required.

We offer obligation free quotes, so if you aren't sure how many COVID Marshal's you will need, please feel free to get in touch.