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About Four J's Group


Four J’s Group Pty Ltd was established in 1996 to provide a full range of facility management services to a variety of business and commercial premises throughout Australia.

Our aim is to provide a quality and cost effective services and to deliver solutions tailored to our client’s individual needs, using staff that are competent to address non-routine in addition to normal tasks, while being aware of the community and the environment.

Over the years Four J’s Group has formed strong association with both private organisations and government departments. Currently our customer portfolio consists of Local and National Government Councils, both Major and Independent Supermarket Chains, Food and Beverage providers, Construction Companies, Medical Centres, Hospitals, Strata Units, Shopping Centers and Retail Outlets.

Fully Certified and

22+ Years of Facility Service Experience

Quality and Reliability

At Four J's Group we believe in quality and reliability. We use industry leading systems and processes to support our staff and ensure the best results for our clients.

To ensure that work is carried out to high standards and in accordance with the scope of work, a Supervisor will be appointed to each contract.

The role of the Supervisor will be to co ordinate work schedules and monitor the performance of our team. The Supervisor will also be responsible for the day to day operations and daily communication.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the quality of our team. From hiring, through to training, through to delivery, each of our team members are taught the highest standards of delivery and care. We believe quality starts from the top, and our team is the ultimate representation of who we are.

Jonathan Odisho


Since getting involved with Four Js in 2006, Jonathan has help built us a name for delivery and quality control.

Jason Odisho


With over 16 years at the helm, Jason's experience has resulted in brilliant outcomes for our clients.

Frank Banco

General Manager

Frank takes care of things here at Four Js and makes sure the business is running on track.

Steve Tolios

Operations - NSW

Steve handles operations throughout New South Wales.

Sarah Marafioti

Office Support

Sarah helps handle our office and keeps everyone running at their best.

Phillip Fourlas

Operations (NSW/ACT, VIC)

Phillip ensures our high compliance and safety standards are met across the eastern coast of Australia. 

Gabriel Lopez

Operations (NSW/ACT, SA, WA)

Gabriel is responsible for various states and our continued high standards in compliance and safety.

Shadi Hayek

National Operations Manager

Shadi oversees the day to day operations and compliance from a head office level throughout Australia.

Ibrahim Heyabou

Operations (QLD)

Ibrahim ensures our Queensland operations run smoothly, with the highest standards in compliance and safety.

Ahmed Hermaan

Operations QLD

Ahmed helps Ibrahim keep our Queensland team operating efficiently and to the high Four J's standards.

Jennifer Odisho

Financial Controller

The backbone of the company, Jennifer handles our accounts and the continued day to day operation of our office.

Monika Susa

Assistant to CEO

Monika runs Jonathan's schedule and handles all the little odds and ends that ensures he can do his job.

Aditya Aditya

Operations - WA/SA

Aditya helps keep our Western and South Australian operations moving.

Karen Melham

Operations VIC

Karen keeps our Victorian team operating efficiently and to the high Four J's standards.

Katrina Solis

Admin Assistant

Katrina helps with all the admin activities we need to run an office.

Dee Bitar

Operations - WA/SA

Dee works with Karen keeping team Victoria running smoothly.

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